April 2024 at Broken Maple Farm

April 2024 at Broken Maple Farm

Hi Flower Friends!!!

This has been a BUSY month! We've been planting, weeding and battling Mother Nature, putting in the work to make this place a sanctuary for everyone who needs a peaceful place to frolic amongst the flowers. 

I was a vendor at the Indiana Bridal Expo on April 14th and I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who came out to see me! That was such an incredible way to meet a ton of new faces and get in front of people who might not have found me otherwise! And it's amazing to hear how many of you are so passionate about local flowers! The local flowers movement is growing, (much like our blooms,) and we can't stop, won't stop, until we flower the world! 

What's blooming?: Ranunculus, Stock, Canterbury Bells, Sweet William, Saponaria, Fancy Daffodils and Tulips (Hail can't keep us down!!!) 

Events on the Farm: April 27th is Broken Maple Farm Opening Day and Seedling Sale!!! We will have tons of options for in-person shopping starting at 9AM and ending at 5PM. There will be a drawing for the $1 raffle at 4:30 PM and the winner will get 2 free tickets to the U-Pick Opening Day June 15th! Also, the first 50 guests get a gift and a treat so make sure you come early to get your shopping in!

***Dahlia Tuber Orders will be ready for pickup April 27th. If you can't make it that day, please send me a message, since any orders that go unfilled and aren't paid for will be offered up to the next in line (or planted by yours truly!)

Prom Season has started! If you need prom flowers, please send me a message since most prom orders are custom and I have to ensure I'm getting your colors right! Here's one of my favorites from the season so far! 

And as always, thank you for being here. We couldn't do this without our amazing community and we are so thankful for you! 

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