Get to know your Growers!

Welcome, we are so glad you're here! Here at Broken Maple Farm, we are getting to live our dream of sharing beauty with you. My name is Grace, and together with my husband Zane, we are so excited to spread the happiness that comes with growing our specialty cut flowers! 

Years ago, Zane got into the habit of buying fresh flowers to bring me joy, which turned into us buying flowers for our landscaping, and we started growing our own from seed. Before long, we had more flowers than we knew what to do with, and had to share them with our community! Now, we are excited to be able to bring even more variety and extend the growing season with the addition of the high tunnel in fall 2023. 

Our little farm is a wild and whimsical place, with the rows of flowers steadily expanding with time. I'm always trying out new varieties and experimenting to provide the happiest and healthiest flowers to my flower friends. Our boys love to plant new flowers too- and they each have their favorites. Our oldest loves the bright green of Bells of Ireland, and the youngest absolutely loves Sunflowers. The farm was home to a little herd of cattle before we bought it, and they blessed us with some very fertile soil to grow some of the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen. Broken Maple Farm has become my refuge, my respite, and my inspiration in life.

A little backstory- I (Grace) spent the last 15 years working in healthcare, and I had the privilege to be working for the top hospital system in the state for several years. When Covid-19 hit, the medical system was turned upside down, and those of us on the frontlines dealt with massive burn out. As a result, I launched myself into planting as many flowers as I could, and cut them to share with my coworkers and fellow nursing staff. It brought immense amounts of joy, and helped to dampen the fatigue and sorrow in small doses. I truly found a new passion and avenue to care for people around me, with flowers!

My eye for design and artistic flair made it so I wanted to create more than every day bouquets and arrangements and started dabbling in event florals. After much persuasion from my community, I decided to take on à la carte weddings and 2024 will be my first season of full service event florals. I love the personal touches I can bring to the table by growing most of my own florals, and as a result I can guarantee better quality. There's a big difference between freshly cut flowers and ones that were cut and have been shipped across the country or even the world in the last week. Not to mention the environmental impact! Local flowers are fresher, healthier and haven't been sprayed with mass amounts of chemicals to prevent them from dying in transit. I love being able to encourage my brides to smell their flowers and know that they're perfectly safe to do so. 

Thank you for being here. This is a very special place to me, and I'm thrilled that you've decided to be a part of it! Reach out anytime, I'm always here, down on the farm. :)